100th Birthday

‘Queen of Iowa Hill’ celebrates 100 years

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Bonnie Cantrell is turning 100. A party was held on Saturday, March 19, 2013, at her home at Westview Center in Auburn. Her brother, Grover Parker, celebrated his 90th birthday at the same time. Eighty-five people attended the party.
Bonnie and her brother Grover were both born in Perryville, Arkansas. Their family moved to Fresno in 1937.
In 1968, the 100-year-old store in Iowa Hill burned down. A new one was soon built by Grover Parker, Bonnie’s brother. Bonnie and her husband, Hub Cantrell, moved to Iowa Hill to be ready to lease the store as soon as it was completed. In 1972, Hub passed away and Bonnie continued with the store until she sold it in 1975. She continued to live in Iowa Hill until she moved to Westview.
She was known as the Queen of Iowa Hill, and is loved by all in the community.