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Global warming will affect Placer County

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The Fourth National Climate Assessment is out. The report "concludes that the evidence of human-caused climate change is overwhelming." Also, "climate-related threats to Americans' … well-being are rising."

President Trump disagrees with these findings, saying "I don't believe it." He said he understands climate science because he has a "natural instinct for science," but this is no match for the collective knowledge of thousands of climatologists.

A Fox News poll of Dec. 12 shows 64 percent of respondents are very concerned about climate change. At the recent climate conference in Poland, President Trump was one of few holdouts, opposing nearly every issue that would control emissions that would stall the temperature rise.

Sea level rise won’t affect us, but Placer County will be affected by global warming. Recent drought conditions put us at greater risk of devastating fires; we need look no further than the recent Camp Fire that destroyed the city of Paradise. In addition, agriculture and recreation, like skiing, will be adversely affected. We’ll see additional loss of forested lands, and erosion from more rapid snow melt.

We should rely on the findings of legitimate climate scientists, not the speculations of an amateur who has a “natural instinct for science.”

Ron Paitich, Auburn