Reader Input

Trader Joe’s rumor ‘fake news’

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In response to Joyce A. Pope's "farewell to Kmart and hello to Trader Joe's" (reader input Jan. 6):  She seems very certain that Trader Joe's is coming to Auburn and will take over the Kmart space at the Bell Road location. I seem to have heard or read, recently, that a picture of our Kmart store had been Photoshopped with a Trader Joe's banner or sign across it. And, that Trader Joe's coming to Auburn is "fake news" ... or whatever you want to call it, but that it's once more a "rumor" of our getting a TJ's in Auburn.

I would be thrilled if we were ever blessed with Trader Joe's in Auburn. So, I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that Ms. Pope is on the right track and I am wrong with our two versions of this story. Bring on Trader Joe's!

Paula Celick, Auburn