Remember This?

Snow scene shows how much Auburn’s gateway has changed

By: Gus Thomson of the Auburn Journal
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Remember This is a regular feature in the Auburn Journal. Gus Thomson is a national and state  award-winning reporter who writes for the Auburn Journal. 

Wintry weather provided the opportunity for these two people to enjoy a buggy ride in the snow just west of Old Town Auburn on what was then the road to Sacramento.

This photo from the Journal archives comes from the paper’s Dec. 28, 1973, edition and was part of a series of local photos regularly printed as a “Peek at the Past.”

When was it taken? The Journal guessed at the time that because the trestle was built around 1910, the picture was probably from a time frame earlier than 1920.

The picture was from the Harry Rosenberry collection, according to the caption, which also told readers that the creek was the Auburn Ravine.

Rosenberry, born in Auburn in 1911, was a fitting donor of the photo. Much of his life revolved around snow, despite the fact that the white stuff didn’t visit his hometown that often.

Rosenberry made his living as a banker, managing the Bank of California. But he would be instrumental in creating and building the Boreal Ski Museum, helped negotiate the Auburn Ski Club agreement to operate where it does today and served in an elite ski-oriented military unit during World War II. He was also one of the driving forces behind Placer County wooing and winning the 1960 Winter Olympics for Squaw Valley.

And today, what was once a rural route seen in this photo is now a busy interstate freeway, created in part to ensure the Olympics had an all-weather route.