Mandarins star in Placer restaurants’ menus

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Mandarin season isn’t over just yet.

A dozen restaurants in Placer County will be featuring dishes with the oh-so peelable fruit as the star for the Placer Celebrates Mandarins event.

And PlacerGrown will provide each restaurant with 100 pounds of mandarins.

Diners can go to participating eateries Jan. 4 through 13 to try out a dish or two.

Auburn area restaurants taking part in the event are: Joe Caribe, Nectar Café, TrePazzi Trattoria, Makers Mountain Eatery, Il Pizzaiolo, Monkey Cat, Carpe Vino and Tin Lantern Bar and Grill. Other Placer dining establishments participating are Farmhaus, Hawks Restaurant, Flower Farm Café and  Il Pizzaiolo Wood Fired Pizza.

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