Our View: Local journalism matters

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In recent weeks the Auburn Journal has taken steps to increase our local story counts, increase local photos, and build a bigger, better, bolder newspaper. Our staff hears the phrase “content is king” on a regular basis and works diligently to have each issue filled with timely, well-written and balanced local coverage.
We’ve continued to publish our local contributing writers and added new local talent from many parts of our community. We are always looking for local writers to assist us in delivering the strongest local news and information we can. We continue to publish our local columnists, all who have a very strong and vocal following. We are extremely fortunate to have so much talent right here in the Auburn area.
We receive many comments on the Auburn Journal, and we welcome your input. We have several in the community communicate to us where we are doing a good job, but equally important, we welcome those comments of where we can do better. 
The relaunch of the paper in December continues as a building process. We are listening every day, working hard to improve areas we know we can do better.
A local newspaper needs to support its community, and the Auburn Journal is working hard to uncover areas where we can help, where we can assist making the greater Auburn area the wonderful place it is. At a recent Auburn 49er Lions Club meeting three Placer High School students gave 10-minute presentations on “integrity” and “civility.” 
As this annual Student Speaker contest continues, we can’t comment on the specifics of the speeches, but we can report these young ladies represented not only Placer High School extremely well, but our also our community. Our future is in great shape with these scholars. We are reaching out to our local schools to partner on their being a part of our local content.
We hear from our readers daily. Sometimes it is in the context of their not receiving their Auburn Journal, which we are working on improving every day, and other times it’s out on the street or at meetings or events. 
One common thread is how passionate this community is about having their local paper around for many years to come. 
This week, two loyal readers mentioned the who, what, when, where, why and how of journalism. The value of these components was reinforced in a recent meeting of all writers, as we are always striving to get better.
We are working hard every day to improve. Your comments, suggestions and ideas on how the Auburn Journal can improve are welcomed. Please send your thoughts to Publisher Tom Kirk,