Community helps curb costs for sixth-graders to go to science camp

By: Julie Miller, Design and Content Manager
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COLFAX — Sixth-graders from Colfax Elementary are gearing up to go to an annual week-long science camp field trip. The 30-plus students and chaperons are slated to travel to Scotts Valley for nature hikes, a day at the beach and lots of learning. There’s one problem, however, the cost for the trip is $11,900.
Enter the Colfax Associated Parent Teachers. The Colfax APT makes up 12 coordinating members, a booster club to help students at the school.
With fundraising efforts driven by the APT, the cost for the camp has decreased from $400 to $350 per student including transportation, Melanie Forseth said, a fundraiser organizer. And the number continues to drop, which helps relieve parents’ pocket-books during a time of year when taxes are due.
One APT member is particularly driven to make sure all sixth-graders, this year and coming years, be able to go to science camp, no matter their family’s finances.
“I want everyone to be able to go,” said Mindee McGuire.
On Saturday, the group in partnership with Sierra Self Storage in Colfax, hosted an e-waste drive. Despite the weather, which included snow and rain, 32 people dropped off their old electronics.
Gordon Goodrich of Sierra Self Storage estimates that from the event, $300 was raised and will go back to the sixth-graders to help fund their trip.
Anyone wanting to donate to the sixth-grade students’ trip can drop off checks made to “Colfax Elementary School” with “Sixth-grade science camp” in the memo at Colfax Elementary School, 24825 Ben Taylor Road, Colfax, CA 95713, or call Melanie Forseth at 530-368-0373.
More on e-waste drives
Sierra Self Storage has been hosting these drives since 2013. In those five years, Goodrich said about 68,000 pounds of e-waste has been collected, adding up to nearly $9,500, which has been donated directly to Colfax APT, Sierra Vista Community Center and senior programs. This spring, the business plans to donate more than $3,000 to various programs in Colfax including Soroptimist of Colfax, the Colfax APT and the Sierra Vista Community Center. Have e-waste to get rid of? Sierra Storage’s next series of donations will be April 27 and 28 to benefit the Colfax APT at their Spring Fling Festival and the Sierra Vista Community Center for its Chocolate and Wine fundriaser. For more information on the SVCC, call  530-346-8726 from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.