Reading program awards 7 Kindles to Colfax students

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COLFAX — Seven Colfax students were rewarded for reaching reading goals and were selected to each receive a electronic tablet.

The Colfax Elementary School has promoted a Reading Incentive Program for many years. For this year's program, Colfax Elementary School and the Colfax Lions Club joined hands in order to expand the individual student honors and recognition.

The joint partnership evolved from Lions International's Reading Action Program which encourages local Lions Clubs to organize service projects and activities that underscore the importance of reading and to encourage literacy within their own communities.

To augment the existing array of student rewards at Colfax Elementary, the Colfax Lions donated seven Kindle Readers to be used in the school's annual awards assembly.

The Reading Incentive Program's goal was to involve as many students as possible. To that end, each time a student achieved an individual reading goal, a classroom-based coupon was earned.

At the awards assembly, earned coupons were entered into a drawing for grades  second through eighth. Students were awarded a Kindle Reader after having their coupon drawn from among the many student entrants in the program.