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Who is Bill Kahrl?

By: Susie Brown
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The Newcastle Community Association is comprised of local residents who live and work in the Newcastle area. It has been in existence for decades primarily to serve the concerns of our community. Members pay $25 per year (per couple). The money helps support our Christmas event, the spring celebration, as well as part of our scholarship fund given yearly, Uncle Joes Lane had a speeding problem for quite some time, some folks came to the NCA Board with their problem, and a speed bump was installed. We all band together to help and improve our community.
The NCA is headed by an elected board, which brings me to my subject: William Kahrl, our current president. A delightful couple attended one of our meetings a number of years ago, Bill and his lovely wife, Kathleen. They have lived in Newcastle over 20 years, but now was the time to become active members. Kathleen tells me she met Bill in New Haven, Connecticut, while he was attending Yale University. She was enrolled in Sarah Lawrece College in New York.
Bill feel hard for this beauty. They married, moved to the West Coast over 50 years ago, settling in Carmichael and raised their three children in that community.
Bill has spent his entire career working for the government, dealing with crisis management, and a great number of political issues, of all types. His motto is “let me help us.” A humble, soft spoken and elegant person, Bill has the gift of being able to pull parties together. He has dealt with and help solve issues for some of the largest corporations in our country, and has written a book. He will remind everyone, “Let’s define the problem, first.”
He joined the NCA at a very crucial time. the Newcastle Charter School was having a very difficult time getting the children in and out of the school. it was built many years ago, for a much small number of students, and many students walked to school. It was basically a cul-de-sac, a very dangerous one way in, one way out, and with the student body expanding. this became a large problem for many. Bill said, we need a good working solution and many hours were spent working out the problems.
Bill, and members of the board began meetings with the Placer County Superintendent of Schools, Gayle Garbolino, in joint agreement with the Superintendent of Newcastle Charter School, Denny Rush. They worked out a marvelous plan. The county sold the property south of Newcastle School to the school, the special education program was relocated to different  areas, giving the school more space to transport the students.
It is a big job but it is being solved, thanks to help of all concerned parties.
Thanks for your leadership Bill. In addition, Bill Kahrl was elected to the Newcastle Fire Protection District Board of Directors in November 2016. He currently serves as the secretary of the board. The Newcastle Community Association is very fortunate to have such a civic minded person as president.
I must add one more very important role he plays, and does it very well, Bill Kahrl is our famous Santa Claus who comes riding in on our ‘41 fire engine to kick off the Christmas Program in Marshall Square. It is awesome to see all the kids running to greet him.
Thank you Bill for all you are doing and have done for our beloved Newcastle. It’s a better place with you and Kathleen being part of all of us!