Our View: The voting has begun for Auburn and Colfax’s best

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While the weather outside hasn’t looked like it this past week, spring is in the air. We are always pretty busy here at the Auburn Journal, but this time of year is one of our busiest.

Special sections and unique publications in the months ahead will accompany our weekly newspaper and our monthly Foothills Magazine — two of Auburn and Colfax area’s premier publications which are well supported with stronger local content, advertising and community support that just continues to grow with every issue.

Some of most exciting special sections that are beginning to take shape is our annual Best of the Best contests, one each for Auburn and Colfax. These annual events are accompanied by several publications, including pullout ballots followed by two special publications after voting concludes and highlights all of the winners just prior to the awards parties. The parties take place at The Ridge Golf Course for Auburn winners and for Colfax winners, the venue is to be determined. Dates of the parties will be announced at a later date.

For area residents and businesses alike, the Best of the Best is by far one of the most beloved publications and events each year. It gives the community the opportunity to vote for their favorite local businesses and services and gives all of our great businesses the opportunity to engage their customers in the voting process, either in our print edition of the ballot or online.

Our new ballots for the 2018 Best of the Best are currently being constructed and this is the final week to get your business advertised on it.

These pullouts will publish in coming weeks, providing readers plenty of time to vote for their favorite pizza joint, their beloved barber, doctor and much more. We always have all types of categories, from a favorite local coach to the best dive bar and the best place to people watch.

The staff at the Auburn Journal is busy reaching out to area businesses to present them with the opportunity to be a featured advertiser on the official ballots for those who want to get a little added exposure. The response once again is overwhelming as so many great pride in campaigning to be the best.

As the communities of Auburn and Colfax are well engaged with the Journal, we are actively spreading the word to all of our area business owners and managers about this great opportunity.
For less than $45 an issue, a local business can have their very own spotlight to encourage their customers to vote for them on the official ballot and for just a few dollars more they can a larger ad to attract even more attention.

In a nutshell, it’s much like putting your name out there for everyone to see during a political election, except in this case, it is much more fun and very rarely have we seen any mudslinging or recounts. This is a celebration of Auburn’s and Colfax’s Best of the Best and it’s all in good, positive fun.

When voting is complete, the results will then be published one month later in the Best of the Best winners’ publications highlighting all of the winning businesses for 2018. Winners will be honored at the two big parties.

If you own a business or know someone that is interested in having their own featured spot on the ballot, by all means, get in touch with us today and a member of our staff will surely see that their reservation is placed.

But don’t delay because time and space is running out quickly.

For more information about getting on our ballot, contact your advertising representative or contact Beth O’Brien at or give us a call at 530-852-0223.

Following our Best of the Best special sections, we look forward to many of our popular special sections in the coming months. Among the well-read publications will be the Placer Valley Tourism Guide, The Auburn Home Show, Fire and Water and many more.

Look for information on this opportunity coming soon.

By choosing the Auburn Journal or one of our many special publications, you are supporting your local newspaper right here in your community that is produced by local staff who are part of the community in which you live and work.

We are committed to bringing you local news, sports and feature stories that you enjoy with every publication we produce. We appreciate all of our readers, subscribers and our advertisers that have kept us strong for 146 years in this great community.