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In the national spotlight, but thankful to be all local

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The recent arrest of the Golden State Killer has drawn much attention, locally and across the nation. The 72-year-old Citrus Heights man was taken into custody on Wednesday. The horrific spree of murders and rapes, and the ensuing investigation that took place from 1976 to 1986, are now believed to be a cold case no more. The ties to our region were significant, as reported in our Thursday Auburn Journal
With so many ties to our region, the Auburn Journal fielded calls from near and far. Good Morning America, NBC News and The Washington Post were among those media outlets requesting permission to use archived news and photos from the pages of the 1970s Auburn Journal.

National and regional media have become less and less vital to our local communities, with the “fake news” term frequently used to describe those outlets. This reinforces the importance of our mission to cover all the local news that we can fit in the Auburn Journal. While technology has changed, our local community newspaper efforts have not. Having our eyes and ears in our community is what we do, and what we have been improving on with our Bigger, Better, Bolder Auburn Journal.

In this case, back when these crimes were occurring, media was very different. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter were not around. The 100-plus channels on your TV remote were not there. Heck, a remote was not around as you had to get up off the couch and turn the dial manually. As we reflect on this past week’s events, again we are energized by what we do. Providing you all the local news, the relevant local news, and equally important, the positive news that makes our community so vibrant.

Beyond the reporting on the Golden State Killer, and a similar story on a serious crime in a community just north, we captured several areas we can be proud of. Placer County jobless rate taking another step in the right direction is an economic positive. Auburn’s Earth Day Festival was a great success. The third annual String Fling Acoustic Guitar Festival was an amazing event, put on by two wonderful community business leaders, Auburn Recreation District and Cunningham Legal.

Our local media needs to stay strong, connected to the roots of our community. We’ve got some very good local partnerships in this market. The Auburn Journal and KAHI radio are working well together, and we appreciate that relationship.

Our trade association, the National Newspaper Association, recently shared some survey results that forecast a strong future for the local print media. Eighty-four percent rely on newspapers for local news, information and obituaries. Seventy-nine percent of readers said they find their community newspaper valuable for local shopping and advertising information. Seventy-six percent said that their paper really understands the things that are for special interest and importance to the people in their area.

We thank you for your continued support, and for your support of our local advertisers. More local advertising drives more local coverage of the topics that are important to you. Your input is always welcomed, and quite frankly, encouraged. Good, bad or indifferent, candid feedback helps us tremendously. The Auburn Journal is here to support our local community, local business, and all the citizens in this wonderful place we call home.