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Placer County resident vies for superior court judge seat

By: Kulvinder Singh
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Editor’s note: This is a candidate for Placer County Superior Court  judge. The Journal welcomes candidates to submit columns and a photo to for publication.

The sample ballot booklet provides information for Placer voters for June 5, or sooner via mail-in-ballot, about the candidates.  Voters are going to choose one of the three qualified candidates that six-year term in June, and if nobody gets 50 percent of the June vote then the top two will be on the ballot Nov. 6.

My candidate ballot statement printed and sent to voters is below:

I have lived in Placer County for 14 years, attended Sierra College, California State University Sacramento, and University of the Pacific McGeorge School of Law. My teenagers go to Roseville public schools. Our elders instilled in us an obligation to give back to the country that has granted such opportunities to succeed.

As a law student, I advised parties in small claims cases. After law school, I worked at the Yuba-Sutter Legal Center for Seniors. Judges appoint me to represent people in Placer, Sacramento, Sutter and Yuba court cases. I served as a temporary judge in the Roseville courthouse 10 years ago. I have practiced criminal, family and civil law for 21 years ( People trust me to help them navigate a system that can be difficult for them to understand, including people with limited English proficiency and economically disadvantaged.

Scott Alvord, Roseville City Councilmember, a friend before he was elected, gives this endorsement: “Mr. Singh is the type of judge that I’d like to have in front of a criminal or a family member who made a bad choice. He’s tough on criminals but fair to those needing a course correction.”

It would be a privilege to serve you, the people, as a fair and impartial judge. I have the temperament and dedication to provide equal access to justice. I would be honored to have your vote.

Fellow Placer County residents, elect one of your own.

Kulvinder Singh is running for Superior Court judge in Placer County.