Reader input: Young voters: show up

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Why do voters ages 18-44 want to give voters that are older more than two votes each to their one? That is what happened in the 2014 midterm elections due to low voter turnout in the younger age group! Less than one in four of the age group 18-34 and one in three of the age group 35-44 voted. How has that worked out for you?
Are the young content with the decisions being made by local and state government, this Congress and President about the environment, health care, taxes, education, poverty, student debt, immigration, gun control, internet neutrality, crime, international relations, sexual orientation, and ethics?
If not, you have the power with your voter turnout to effect change in your community, change Congress and potentially to change who is president.
This is not your ordinary midterm election. It is a national referendum on many issues and it is your future at stake. Don’t opt out and concede power through under representation to the older half of the population. Educate yourselves on the issues, talk to your friends, support your issues and candidates, and VOTE.
Jerry Silverman, Meadow Vista