Reader Input: Vote depends on Twilight Ride project

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To: Placer County Supervisors
Re: Placer County purchase of 50-acre Twilight Ride property located at 5345 Bell Road for more access to Hidden Falls Park.
My name is Mike Watson and I have been a resident of Auburn since 1989 and I strongly oppose this project. It appears that it was rushed through without much thought or consideration of how it impacts our community. The environmental impact report is was done almost 10 years ago (2009) and needs to be done again to reflect the current environment and changes in traffic. The infrastructure does not support this project and our country roads that will be affected by this project are already in poor condition and can barely handle the traffic now. Not to mention it all flows out to Highway 49 which is also becoming inadequate for the current traffic. No consideration was given to the residents which will now have a view of the parking lot rather than the view they paid for.
Imagine how this project will impact property values in the future.
Every one of you has a job because this community voted for you and you are suppose to be  working for us. My vote in the next election will depend on the outcome of how this project  evolves now that you know our concerns. We all see what has happened on Mears and Mt.  Vernon roads with the drugs, litter, property damage, illegal parking and theft. Auburn, as you know, has a serious homeless problem and this will just expand their real estate opportunities.
Please consider an alternate plan for this project that does not negatively intrude on so many in the Auburn community.
Michael B. Watson, Auburn