Auburn Police: New homeless camps found, posted to abandon

By: Gus Thomson, Reporter/Columnist
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Courtesy photo/Auburn Police

The area under the Cherry Street overcrossing in Auburn is free of debris after a cleanup organized by the Placer County Probation Department.


New illegal homeless camps sprouting in Auburn are being discovered and shut down.

Three camps — all on Union Pacific Railway land — were recently found and posted for abandonment by a joint Auburn-Placer County effort looking for illegal camps and homeless people in need of services.

A new camp was located off Auburn Folsom Road near Pacific Avenue, along the canal and railroad tracks. The camp was posted and Union Pacific was notified, the Auburn Police Department reported.

Two new camps were located at the end of Herr Way, near the railroad tracks just below Interstate 80. Both of the camps were posted and Union Pacific again notified, police said.

Auburn Police also reported that through Placer County’s Homeless Court Initiative, Placer County Probation organized a clean-up under the Cherry Street Bridge railroad overcrossing.

“This area has been long affected by graffiti and debris; however, this week, through law enforcement referrals for Homeless Court, all of the refuse was abated.” police said.

Auburn Police Department’s community service truck went to the dump with a full load of refuse from the project. Union Pacific police were present to ensure the team’s safety during the cleanup.

During the team’s efforts, a woman was contacted in the 200-block of Palm Avenue. She was previously cited for camping and admonished about trespassing. She was again cited for trespassing and possession of a shopping cart that she had without permission from a business. She cleaned up the area, took her belongings and left, Auburn Police said.