Reader Input: Protest at the Placer Pops

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On Sunday night we attended the Homeland Concert at the Auburn Library Amphitheater. It was a beautiful celebration of our great country with the Placer Pops Chorale and Orchestra performing numerous songs including “God Bless America,” “Salute to the Armed Forces” and the “Star-Spangled Banner.”
Congressman Tom McClintock gave a great speech from Abraham Lincoln.
Unfortunately when Congressman McClintock got up to speak a number of protestors got up and held up signs in an attempt to disrupt the event. When the congressman was finished, one protestor ran across the front chasing McClintock up the aisle yelling at him.
The protestors were upset because children were being separated from their illegal immigrant parents. Hey here’s the easy solution: Don’t sneak into the country, go to a port of entry and do it legally! Criminals are separated from their families all the time — just don’t commit a crime and avoid the separation.
These people seem to want some sort of get out of jail free or amnesty for lawbreakers.
This protest/disruption was completely inappropriate and rude.  This was a celebration of our country and the 4th of July. Can we not give it a break and come together to celebrate the 4th of July?  It should be noted after the protestors attempted to interfere with the event they left opting not to stay and celebrate 4th of July with the rest of us.
Ken Campbell, Lincoln