Reader Input: Supporting Holbrook

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I am a retired career prosecutor who moved to this area three years ago. My wife and I love the home-spun community and common-sense core values this area offers. After having just read about a somewhat humorous dispute about signage at a public park, I felt compelled to weigh in (Journal July 5). 
As is the case with most people in law enforcement, prosecutors recognize the letter of the law and the spirit of the law are not necessarily the same thing. Why somebody does something (i.e.: motive) is highly relevant to the rightfulness or wrongfulness of their conduct (regardless of what the letter of the law says). In this case “Scott” was motivated by good, wholesome community values in his effort to promote something that was most certainly for the benefit of the community. 
On the other hand, “Gary” was obviously motivated by pride, anger, and malice. Which values do we want to promote? In my opinion, the guy most out of line at the meeting was Jim Gray.  He failed to examine the motivations of the respective parties and then publicly supported a vandal (whether or not the sign was posted lawfully, destroying the sign was absolutely unlawful ... and malicious), while at the same time taking gratuitous shots at a fellow board member.
I support Scott Holbrook.
Hal Jewett, Newcastle