An update on Mary DeGraaf

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For those of you who have been following the story of Mary DeGraaf’s breast cancer, here is an update. Mary had Mastectomy surgery on June 19, and because of everyone’s prayers, all of the cancer was successfully removed, and she woke up in recovery with a smile and no pain.

While she has had no pain since surgery, during the procedure, some of the muscles of the chest wall had to be taken, and she was told that this will take a couple of months to heal. In July, Mary will be seeing her oncologist to discuss future treatments. She is truly grateful for all of the financial help that she has received, and she prays that God will bless all who have helped or have been willing to help make a contribution. If you are still willing to make a donation in support of Mary, please visit or send contributions to Mary DeGraaf c/o Judy Pickett-Lopez PO Box 4331 Auburn, CA 95604.

Judy Pickett-Lopez, Auburn