Reader Input: Civility will win

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I am confident that even though both parties are trying to find their identity in the end civility, integrity and honesty will win out over hatred, despair and hopelessness. As a nation we must and will have to accept that our country is undergoing a transformation that is reflected in opposing views. Unfortunately these views are now being played out in public. Methods of resolving differences are set aside for expediency to the detriment of advancing our nation. The political environment has been poisoned by displaced hatred toward minority groups. The complexity of our divide is in full sight as the issues are deep rooted in our history. At this moment whether you like it or not we have lost our ability to understand each other and resort to slogans that do little to address the concerns of the voters. The critical issue before us is the role of government? If you are for limited government? What does that mean? If you are for human values?

What does that mean? If you are for inclusivity or exclusionism what does that mean? These are the questions and others that must be answered as our Constitution as written will not withstand the sign of times unless we define what we as a nation are all about. History has proven over and over again that empires self-destruct from within. The question before us are we strong enough to accept the consequences of increasing our divide or do we have the courage and fortitude to sit down and resolve our differences. As the saying goes " United we stand divided we fail.”


Peter Kolster, Auburn