Reader Input: Foresthill Bridge

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Your article, "A Rare 'now and then' look at the Foresthill Bridge," needs to have input from someone who was on the job site, kept safety records, and has an intimate knowledge of how the bridge was constructed. An article of the nature questioning the integrity of those who were in a supervisory position, on the job site daily, and responsible for the safety of the job, is completely out of place. In today's environment, a construction article of this nature might be an OK article. Last century, during construction of the bridge, those involved had scruples that in today's society seem missing. Today, the armchair reporters question what happened in history, with little or no knowledge of being in the arena. In future articles, I hope the reporter understands what he is writing about, safety nets or "fishnets" or "twine."

John D. Wilkie, Phoenix, Arizona