Reader input: ‘Outside agitators’?

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Who’s the angry woman in the red, white, and blue dress on the cover of Thursday’s (July 12) Auburn Journal? She’s Genevieve Peters of Los Angeles, a leader in a group called “Family America Project.” Peters and others from the group travel from county to county, to disrupt and to intimidate.
Before Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting, Peters did her best to interrupt a clergy-led prayer vigil that was going on outside. She made herself an intimidating center of attention every moment of the meeting, holding up a “lie” sign whenever she disapproved of what Placer County residents were saying. She broadcast the meeting from her cellphone and spoke a running commentary as she recorded, making sure to get photographs of all the people in attendance. When it was her turn to speak, she shouted out a well-practiced, angry speech — and she ignored the requirement to give her name and place of residence.
What right does this woman have to come to our county and disrupt our county meetings? How can she dare to question the right of any Placer County resident to live here, when she comes here as a transient from Los Angeles? How dare she?
Congressman McClintock, who doesn’t even live in his own district, often accuses local residents of being “outside agitators” who disrupt his town hall meetings. I wonder what he’d have to say about these Los Angeles agitators who intimidated local people attending Tuesday’s Board of Supervisors meeting.
We don’t need her brand of anger and intimidation. We don’t need animosity at our county meetings. We’re better than that.
Bring peace and respect and civil behavior back to our county meetings. The Board of Supervisors has given everyone ample time to speak on the issue of immigration, which is not a county issue. Now is a good time to stop all the angry political posturing that has taken place at every Board meeting for over two months. It’s time to let the county get back to county business.
Joe Offer, Applegate