Reader Input: A 'F' on F

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Re: the Foresthill Sept. 18 special election.

Measure F deserves the grade it's been given — F. There are four major reasons to reject it: It is structured in the most regressive manner possible, harming those least able to pay and having them subsidize the wealthy; there are reasons to doubt it is needed, surely not at $800,000 (voters rejected $560,000 in 2017, yet they want more?); it has automatic increases, bypassing

voters; and to hold the special election one and one half months before the general election is unnecessary and an attempt to game the system.

As a cogent argument cannot be made in the limitations of a letter to the editor, I detail all this in a long article on my website at

In the space allocated, let me say this: Even were the tax more fairly structured, to request a near three-fold increase to $800,000, when year-to-year profits/deficits vary from being up over $100,000 to being down less than $100,000, eight times that possibly needed in a down year is unconscionable.

Further, to hold a special election when the measure could have been on the general election ballot, is a blatant attempt to sway the election to the yes side. This kind of shenanigans with the vote should be rejected.

Please consider both sides before deciding your vote. Vote wisely, not on emotion.

I strongly urge a NO vote on measure F.

Ken Partridge, Foresthill