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STOP the destruction of Hidden Falls Regional Park!

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The proposed expansion of Hidden Falls Regional Park with a giant access lot, concessions, horse and bike rentals and other commercialization is a TERRIBLE idea.  Our neighborhood roadways, Bell, Cramer, Lonestar, Joeger, Dry Creek and other narrow rural roads with their twists, turns, and blind spots that lead to this proposed access point were not intended to be used as major throughways. This proposed action will lead to an increase in traffic, speeding vehicles (already a problem!) accidents, noise, litter, increased fire danger and other environmental pollutants in our rural community.  

We recently finished construction on our home on Bell Road, investing in our community and enjoying a rural lifestyle that we have looked forward to for MANY years. Now we are shocked and very angry that this is being proposed for our peaceful rural area. We moved away from the Bay Area two years ago and to Auburn to get away from the traffic, noise, pollution and congestion. Now this is being proposed to due to thoughtless people who care nothing for the

beautiful foothills, the residents and the environment.  

We can’t believe the county thinks this is a good idea to increase access to bring in revenues, at the expense of its own community by destroying a beautiful and peaceful area and ruining North Auburn and its property values. People visiting from out of our area do not seem to respect our trails and parks.

They drive recklessly, blare their music, throw trash out of their vehicles and litter our trails.  Why the need to commercialize this park? Why must something beautiful be ruined for the sake of some extra money? We enjoy hiking Hidden Falls (weekdays only) and have to take a trash bags with us to pick up other people’s trash left behind; dirty diapers, water bottles, food wrappers, etc. It's heartbreaking that there are people with no respect for the beauty of this area and the wildlife that inhabit it.  They certainly won't respect the residents living in the area either. Enough is enough.

Keep the area rural and peaceful so bicyclists, walkers, runners, winery guests and our family and friends who come to visit can enjoy this beautiful area for what it is.

Darrell and Linda Graham, Auburn