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Keep local fire districts funded

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Recently there was a 4-acre vegetation fire in the Applegate area. The fire crews from Placer Hills FPD and other agencies were able to control and stop the fire from getting out of control.

The location of this fire was in area that could have caused significant loss of property and life, and adversely impacted our local community and Placer County as a whole. With all current major fires burning throughout California, all fire agencies are at critical staffing levels. Obviously, our local fire crews are essential to the overall protection of our communities.

This current fire situation is another example of the critical need to ensure that local fire agencies are both adequately funded, equipped and staffed.

As they provide for police protection county wide, the Placer County and Board of Supervisors need to reevaluate their priorities and provide funding for the local fire agencies. This will ensure our local communities are adequately protected and hopefully, avoid human and fiscal impacts of a fire storm similar to the one currently impacting the Redding area.

Barry Rucker, Applegate