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Civil chats

By: Rosalie Wohlfromm
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Last week I attended a house party for Jessica Morse. Jessica is the Democratic Party candidate for Congressional District 4. Currently Republican Tom McClintock holds the seat, and has since 2009.

This event was very well attended by neighbors, friends and relatives of the hostess. Assuming all of them either Democrats or Independents, I was pleasantly surprised to learn a few Republicans were in attendance also. I thought that great!

We always hear about the great divide in this country, i.e people speaking their minds but being closed-minded to those of differing views. I’ve always been of the opinion that as Americans, we all want pretty much the same things: good health care, decent education, affordable housing and earning a living wage. Where we might differ is in how we accomplish these goals. Republicans traditionally believe in people being responsible for self determination. Democrats agree with that, but feel government should intervene when warranted.

I spoke to one of the Republicans after Jessica’s presentation and was pleased to learn we agreed on some issues. One being Social Security and the fact that it is going broke. We both thought if the maximum wage calculation was raised a bit, this problem would be fixed. Currently those of us who make up to $128,400 pay 6.2 percent of our wages into the fund.

The other item we agreed on was the fact that we do not have universal health care for all our citizens. Why should people go broke if they have a catastrophic illness? Why should people with pre-existing conditions have problems getting affordable health care? While he did not like the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) per se, he did understand that it was necessary for the time being.

I also mentioned my latest call to Rep. McClintock’s office whereby one of his representatives called me un-American simply because, “I dare to question our president’s decisions.” He thought that unacceptable. I thought that also.

I came away that night feeling pretty good. I actually had a civil conversation with a fiscal conservative Republican. A Republican who agrees with me that each side should lower the pitch and try and communicate and work together to get this country back on track. Loved that!

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