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Free road service

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Most people may not be aware of a free emergency road assistance that is provided by Placer County Transportation. It is the FSP (Freeway Service Patrol).

Last month, on a Tuesday morning, I stopped to help a woman stranded with a flat tire. I attempted to remove the tire but had difficulty. “Mike” of the FSP come up and did the changing. He advised me that I had put my jack in the wrong area and the car could have come down on me. He quickly and safely changed the tire for the woman and then advised us how to proceed back on to the freeway. This was on I-80 east, just past the 193 Highway exit at Newcastle. Mike was very courteous and helpful.

The FSP won’t tow you to a repair place or advise of one, but if the car needs to be towed, it will take it to a safe area for the immediate need. The service is weekdays, during rush hours. To get assistance, call CHP at 916-861-1300 and a tow truck will come to your aid.

Jackie Riley, Newcastle