Placer Football Fandoms Dos and Don’ts: An Etiquette Guide

How to enjoy a faux-pas free high-school football game
By: Gus Thomson, Reporter/Columnist
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Here’s an obvious don’t being dealt with. An off-duty Placer County sheriff’s deputy gains control during a team tackle of a man who walked onto the field during a football game between Colfax and Placer high schools.

It’s easy to get excited about the Placer High School Hillmen football team this season.

The squad came oh-so-close to a state title in 2017 and a plethora of returnees to the varsity is signaling a return to playoff glory on the gridiron.

The games are great but there are plenty of unwritten rules to abide by in the stands that newbies and seasoned seat-sitters should get their heads around before heading over to the glare of the bright lights that is Friday night football at good old LeFebvre Stadium.

Here are some dos or don’ts to digest - along with one of those fabled burgers from the snack bar:

Don’t hate the opponent. The reality is that they’re just a bunch of high school kids playing a game.

Do cheer loudly and lustily - at the appropriate times - for your hometown Hillmen.

And Don’t get on the players if their game isn’t living up to your lofty standards. Again, get a grip. These kids are 17-years-olds who are playing for the love of the sport.

Don’t bellow into the ear of the fan sitting in front of you.

Do think about dropping off the fellow fans you come with. They’ll gain extra time to find a better seat as you search for a place to park nearby.

Don’t arrive close to kickoff time at 7:30 p.m. Traffic gets congested around the high school and the best seats are going to be gone. The bonus for arriving early is you can check out all or part of the junior varsity game starting at 5:15 p.m. to see the rising stars of the Hillmen program.

Do wear the school colors. They’re green and gold. That’s confusing against tonight’s opponent - Bishop Manogue Miners of Reno. They’re also garbed in the green and gold. But things get a little easier on the wardrobe front in the last three games of Placer’s current four-game home stand. Vista Del Lago Eagles of Folsom (navy blue and silver) visit next Friday,  El Dorado Cougars of Placerville (blue and white) take on Placer Sept. 14 and the Nevada Union Miners (blue and gold) are in town Sept. 28.

Please Don’t wear the colors of the opposing teams if you’re sitting on the Placer High side of the field. If you’re unfamiliar with LeFebvre, the Hillmen side has the snack bar.

Do bring a blanket or sweater. It can get chilly as the game goes on.

Don’t forget something soft for your tush. And those stadium seats with the chairbacks are popular and accepted at LeFebvre Stadium as well.

Here’s a tip. You’ll earn points with the Hillmen faithful around you if you Do properly pronounce the name of the stadium you’re in. It’s “Le Fever.” Ralph LeFebvre was a longtime coach at the school.

Do bring some extra greenbacks for a burger or hot dog. The purchases help support the football program.

Don’t buy that snack or late dinner at the concession during half-time when everyone else is bellying up to the snackbar.

Do purchase your nosh of choice before the half-time crunch - allowing you to get back to your comfy seat and take in the majesty of the Golden Hillmen Marching Band’s scintillating halftime show.

Don’t get discombobulated and run onto the field (It’s happened at a Hillmen game in Colfax).

Don’t streak the stadium (Once again, it did happen, this time in Auburn).

Don’t park on the Union Pacific railroad right of way. You’ll halt rail traffic from Oakland to Reno.

Don’t butt your vehicle into a residential driveway when you park. And there may be an announcement over the PA that will shame you into leaving the game to repark - if your vehicle hasn’t already been towed.

Above all, Do enjoy a football game in what is evolving into what can be considered Placer High’s second golden era on the football field.