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Shout out to neighbors

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I am writing in response to the “call to arms” article recently written by Susan Rushton (Journal Aug. 12), suggesting, urging, pleading neighbors to band together to work on fire prevention measures throughout our area. I was impressed by her thoughtful and workable approach to a preventing or at least limiting a possible fire catastrophe here, and thank her for demonstrating her deep caring about our locale.

I want to give a “shout out” to our neighbors living at the edge of the canyon on and near Olive Orchard, who have created “Project Canyon Safe” and are personally clearing out fire fuel as well as gathering funds through GoFundMe to hire help (expert, people and goats) when the terrain is steep enough to be beyond their skill or balance.  I was “community-proud” to read Susan’s pragmatic article, and “over the moon” delighted to be able to donate and participate with other neighbors in Project Canyon Safe. 

Hope many other neighbors and ‘hoods will follow suit and form many more fire curtailing teams. We all voice thanks to all firefighters.  This is a demonstration of gratitude in action.

Horti Davis, Auburn