Reader Input

No business with women?

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A while back I asked Tom McClintock whether he would agree to an evening debate once the primaries were over. I asked him as a representative of the League of Women Voters of Placer County. His response was something that floored me, and which I committed to memory. He stated, “I will never do business with the League of Women Voters as they are a political organization closely aligned with the Democratic Party.”
I was taken aback because what he said is not true. Point of fact, the League of Women Voters has never taken a position on any candidate in any election.

This past week, the Board of Supervisors presented the League of Women Voters of Placer County a plaque honoring their decade of service and outreach in the county. The plaque states among other things that the League of Women Voters “has worked since the 1920s as a non-partisan, nonprofit group of women and men to improve government and engage the public in political decision making and issues.”

I hope Mr. McClintock has changed his opinion of the League and I hope to hear of a debate soon, with the League’s sponsorship or not.

Rosalie Wohlfromm, Auburn