Another view: From the right

What we must do to make sure that our vote really counts

By: Leah Cavanaugh
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The Declaration of Independence states that government derives its authority from the “consent of the governed.” Only 23 percent of likely voters believe they have given their consent to the federal government, according to Rasmussen. To restore faith in our democracy, we must bring integrity to the voting process.

We will have election integrity when ineligible voters are purged from voter rolls. Twenty-five states use ERIC (Electronic Registration Information Center), a system that compares data from many sources to identify voters who have died, changed names or moved to another state. Eleven California counties have more voters than citizens over the age of 18. Shouldn’t we be using ERIC? Perhaps, Secretary of State Alex Padilla sees an advantage in maintaining the status quo.

I must interject a personal observation regarding elections in Placer County, which is not one of the 11 counties. Serving as a poll worker for several years, I can attest that election officials here are dedicated to counting every legitimate vote, and only legitimate votes. Unfortunately, parameters imposed by state and federal mandates do not make their job easier or the tally more accurate.
We will have election integrity when everyone casting a ballot verifies they are who they claim to be.

In 2008, the Supreme Court upheld the constitutionality of requiring an ID to vote, ruling the requirement “is amply justified by the valid interest in protecting the integrity and reliability of the electoral process.”
Liberal activists assert that making voters show identification “disenfranchises minorities, the poor, and the elderly.” Do they believe the poor do not receive government assistance; the elderly do not see doctors; and minorities do not fly commercial or rent apartments? All these activities require a photo ID.

We will have election integrity when voters know what they are voting for. The titles and summaries of many propositions on California ballots are crafted to deceive, not to enlighten the voter. A judge had to intervene when attorney general Xavier Becerra failed to write an impartial title and summary for the initiative to repeal the gas tax. He found it problematic that the word “tax” or “fee” did not appear in the title, making it difficult for voters to understand what the initiative would do.

We will have election integrity when hostile, foreign governments cannot influence election outcomes. In 2016, Russia conspired to interfere with the presidential election. Their intent was not to help a particular candidate or party, but to disrupt the process. The target selected was the candidate they expected to win, Hillary Clinton. Desperate to deny President Trump his victory, Democrats pretend the Russians stole the election, even though they clearly did not affect the outcome. There is no evidence the Trump campaign was involved, yet, the “collusion delusion” persists.

The Russians are at it again.

Microsoft recently uncovered attempts by hackers to attack Republican organizations and candidates. I can’t know what they are trying to accomplish, but I will speculate. Our enemies benefit if Republicans lose their majorities in Congress. A congress preoccupied with impeachment hearings could achieve little else. Legislators determined to “resist” the administration’s agenda would bring the wheels of government to a screeching halt, delivering devastating blows to the economy and national defense.

We will have election integrity when Google no longer gives priority to liberal websites, and when Facebook and Twitter stop shutting down conservative websites or YouTube accounts.
Domestic tech giants have the power to mold voter opinion and impact elections far more than Russian hacking.

Auburn Area Republican Women resume monthly meetings on Sept. 21 at 11:30 a.m. at the Auburn Elks Lodge. We will discuss ballot propositions. If you agree with what I’ve written. you will find like-minded men and women at meetings of the Auburn Area Republican Women.

Leah Cavanaugh is president of the Auburn Area Republican Women, Federated. Contact her at