Looking Back column

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LOOKING BACK From our archives; compiled by Howard Stitt


10 Years Ago

Sept. 25, 2008

A Celebration of Life will be held for Jennifer (Jenny) Lynn McCartney, 59, a longtime and well-known Loomis resident. She was the granddaughter of Jesse Helms, a name associated with the Loomis Library for many years. McCartney was active with the Landmark Missionary Baptist Church in Granite Bay for more than 50 years. Music was always her joy as McCartney sang for her church and at the Union Gospel Mission of Sacramento.

A Celebration of Life was held for Linda K. Brown. She was a 4-H horse leader and a team manager for the Five Cities Girls Softball and Loomis Lions Soccer teams. A true animal lover, Brown raised and showed Alaska Malamutes and American Quarter Horses.

The upcoming Loomis Eggplant Festival will feature local vendors Rich and Nancy Colwell of Thundering Herd Ranch. They will feature Mandarin Olive Oil made from their Penryn grown mandarin oranges.

Loomis residents Leah Statham and Thea Williams are among the LIFE Center members participating in a class to enhance memory called "Brain Gain." As Williams said, “If you don't use your brain, you'll lose it." The center is located at the Methodist Church in Loomis.

Many Loomis residents living on Del Mar Avenue do not want their road widened or resurfaced. They say it will lead to more traffic as drivers use it as a cutoff between Sierra College Boulevard and Taylor Road. There is less traffic anyway as a result of four speed bumps installed in 2001.

A mountain lion was spotted at the back of Loomis School during the night. As a result, a lock-down of the school was necessary the following day. Principal Rick Judd said, "The school operated under the assumption that the animal may still be in the area."

The Loomis Lightning U14 Boys Select soccer team took home the championship in the Napa Wine Country Classic with a final 1-0 win over the El Dorado Heat.

The Del Oro Lady Eagles volleyball team cruised through six foes to win the Sheldon Invitational. Outside hitters Emily Mattevi and Aly Duffin had 14 kills between them. Coach Stuart Kageta said, "The girls were pumped up. This was the best we've played all year."


25 Years Ago

Sept. 16, 1993

Hanako Sugasawa passed away at the age of 86. She lived in Loomis since 1924. She was a homemaker. Hanako is survived by her husband, Sanjiro 'Sanji," and daughter, Ruby Mayeda.

As always, Paul Yokote of Loomis was on hand to take photos of FFA and 4-H members showing their animals at the Gold Country Fair in Auburn. Among those are Del Oro FFA members Jake Pchelkin with a Blue Butt Hog and Ryan Gragg with his Suffolk Lamb. Also showing lambs was Sheryl Fullerton with the help of relatives Patty, Bill and Marilyn Fullerton.

The annual "Fall Faire" will be held at The Shepherd of the Sierras Presbyterian Church of Loomis. The event will take place in the Plum Shed.

The Loomis Eggplant Festival booth at the California State Fair was awarded a second-place in the agri fair division. Hazel Hineline, manager of the Loomis Basin Chamber of Commerce, was in charge of the booth with her husband, Stan, along with Ken Bitner doing the construction. Marcie Rosenzweig designed the booth.

Roseville High School's football team was ranked  Number 4 in the area and a seven- point favorite but Del Oro won the game 21-13 in a classic showdown. Defensive backs Corey Hartung and David Coyle kept the Tiger's passing game somewhat in check.

The Celebrity Chef dinner included Dr. Gary Gade serving his famous spaghetti squash vegetable platter, Randy Thompson's shrimp pasta salad, and Stephanie Foster, president of Paul's Place Association, with her Teriyaki "Shish-Kabob."

Al Newton and Maxine Sunada of the Loomis Dolphins Swim Club are actively involved in the "Save Del Oro Pool Fund." Mary Jane Graham and her crew from Realty World-Hebard Real Estate will cook Eggplant Italiano at an Eggplant Festival booth to also raise funds for the pool.

The Loomis Fire Department has a new fire engine. On hand to show off the new vehicle were Board of Director members Bill Tudsbury and Vic Montes, along with Fire Chief Ed Horton and Engineer Bob Marshall.


50 Years Ago

Sept. 19, 1968

The "Maverick Round-Up" featuring cowboy beef stew will be served at the first Del Oro Parents Club meeting of the year, announced Maverick-in-Chief Nick Anthony. The tables will be set up by the Del Oro Student Council. Millie Taylor will supervise the kitchen crew. Standing room only seems to be the order of the day at the school as 878 students are enrolled.

A new teacher at Del Oro High School, Allan Bates, will teach Basic Electronics and Auto Laboratory. He will move from Durham as soon as he can find housing for his wife, Velma, and children, Qwendolyn and Michael.

A fire was confined to the debris and caused no damage at the Loomis Dump grounds.

Cadet Robert Hawley of Loomis has entered his sophomore year at the U.S. Air Force Academy. He was named to the Superintendent's List for his outstanding achievement.

Bonnie Stiff of Loomis is pledged during fall rush to one of the sororities at Arizona State University.

The 4-H Junior Livestock Auction brought fabulous prices at the Auburn District Fair. Among the 4-Hers selling their animals was Jan Wykoff with her Champion lamb selling for $4 a pound. Also Kim Heckert sold her swine for 72 cents a pound. Local buyers included Frank Paoli, Loomis Mutual Market, Mike Withers and Bank of America-Loomis.

Georgia Goodman of the Loomis Beauty Shop attended a clinic for hair stylists in Oroville. Accompanying her was her fiance, George Makabe.

The Tahoe Cattlemen's Association Field Day will be held at the Pete and Vera Hawkins' Ranch in Ophir.

Chuck Conners - “The Rifleman,” James Drury - “The Virginian,” and Dale Roberts - “The Iron Horse,” all top Hollywood western stars; will speak on behalf of the County Republican Committee for incumbent office holders.


75 Years Ago

September 1943

Kim Ham Wong, 37, a native of Canton, China, died as a result of being struck by an overhanging branch while riding a horse on the Hayashida ranch near Loomis. He was engaged as a fruit packer on the ranch. The fruit is being shipped through Nash De Camp with a manager who is supposed to look after the ranch and its equipment.

A rally is planned to bring facts to the Loomis community about the necessity of maintaining a "Home Defense."

A fire covering 40 acres burned on the Charles Parmentor, the Stewarts and adjoining properties 4 miles southeast of Loomis. The fire may have been intentionally set in a lane between the ranches of James Law and Dave Fisher.

The best news of the week was the surrender of Italy to the Allied armies. President Roosevelt, however, warns that the war is not yet won and Nazis still have to be driven from Italy. In the Pacific campaign, an attack on Marcus Island went better than planned. A single raid destroyed 80 percent of installations on the island.

The Western Defense Command and the 4th Army divided California into 3 war zones with 1 and 2 being more subject to enemy attack. Loomis was in zone 3 and not designated as containing objectives of enemy attack.

Loomis residents can volunteer as Ground Observers or Filter Center workers as part of the Aircraft Warning Service.

Mrs. Pearl Hobbs of Loomis says an estrayed white faced male calf came to her place 10 days ago and will be sold if the owner does not call.

Mrs. Walter Michaelson is now helping her husband in the drug store after resigning her job at McClellan Field.

Helen Keller, 63, was blind and deaf since infancy. She was delighted when she saw, through her sensitive fingers, the giant Flying Fortresses being constructed at the Boeing Aircraft plant in Seattle.

(Standing Guard-oral histories) Many Loomis residents are residing at the 32,000- acre Tule Lake Internment Camp. The camp is divided into 7 wards, each consisting of 9 blocks. Each block has 14 rows of barracks, each housing 250 people. A block has a mess hall, rec hall, laundry room and bathrooms. Each room assigned to a family has a stove for heat and metal framed beds with mattresses. There are no chairs, tables or shelves provided. However, residents take matters into their own hands and use scrap wood to build furnishings. Due to the lack of privacy, makeshift coverings are made.