Band together to help Colfax

Reader Input
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Last year I returned to Colfax after 15 years. I immediately noticed a huge increase in the low-income population here (even above the norm in the U.S.). Small businesses are moving to Auburn due to elevated rents (taking their jobs with them) and most disturbing, the cost of gas and groceries is ridiculous. I don’t think it is possible to claim that the 14 mile difference between us and Auburn even begins to justify the cost difference. These few businesses are focused on “getting the most out of the tourists” and consequently they are hurting the locals. I do not spend my money at these businesses but it doesn’t mean I can turn a “blind eye” to those who do. When our low-income, elderly and medically ill residents are unable to leave town shouldn’t we see to it that they are being treated fairly here in their own hometown? Even those that are paying with an EBT card are only able to buy a fraction of the food to feed their families because the prices they have to pay are so clearly unreasonable. My tax dollars are paying $6.50 for a pound of grapes in Colfax when they are $4 at Raleys. McDonalds isn’t priced any higher, Taco Bell isn’t priced higher — but our necessities are. We are a community and what hurts anyone in that community hurts us all. Clearly I do not understand why these businesses are more focused on the “tourist buck” but while they are, let’s see if four months of tourist monies — during the summer and winter months — can keep them afloat and provide a way of transportation for our locals so that they can shop elsewhere just as we do. It’s hard to get back on your feet when your own neighbors are taking advantage of your hardship and we are just ignoring the fact that it is happening. Christina Bethea, Colfax