Benevolent stranger's act was touching

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Most of us can relate to bad days, or a series of negative encounters that impart a sense of foreboding, causing you to wonder, “Where’d all the good people go?” as Jack Johnson so famously quipped. Well, they are definitely out there. I had an experience so uplifting that it necessitated sharing.

I was in Big 5, stressfully buying mounds of baseball gear for my boys, meanwhile chasing after my wild daughter. Amid this chaos stood a quiet onlooker, who said nothing as I apologized for obstructing her path. Upon leaving, she handed my husband a card for store credit, stating, “Buy something for the kids.” He politely tried refusing but she departed, pausing at the doorway to smile, and disappeared.

The entirety of this kindness wasn’t realized except retrospectively because we discovered, upon attempting to pay, that we owed nothing, instead having further credit remaining.

The benevolent stranger’s motivations will remain unknown, but the effects of her generosity pervade. I felt lifted from my negativity, had a lighter step and my formerly declining faith in humanity was restored.

If she is reading this – thank you – not just for the money, but more so for the act. Our lives were touched and made a bit brighter.


Melissa Owen, Alta