Bless and help returning troops

Reader Input
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As our troops come home … to what? We need to keep them all in mind regarding their needs: an education to find a decent job, living expenses, a place to live and realizing that they have a different way of life to adapt to. Many of these men and women have been in “a war mentality,” and need to be re-educated in a different way of thinking. First and foremost, we need to pray for them as they re-enter life in a different dimension. Pray for our chaplains, that they may continue to look to God’s guidance, as they help many of these soldiers find their place in society again. Are our churches prepared with programs ready to help? May we also continue to pray for their families as the adjustment is made by so many people involved in the transition. Let us never forget, and thank these wonderful men and women for putting their lives on the line for us. They still need us. Let’s welcome them home with open arms, and pray, pray, pray daily for them. May God continue to bless America. ELLY DERR, Auburn