Bunnies are cute, but require lots of care

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Easter is approaching fast and once again some people will buy bunnies for their children as presents. Please do not do this without understanding some of the myths and realities of owning a bunny. Bunnies are very cute when babies in the store, but they grow up and live up to 10 years. Pet rabbits cannot survive in the wild, so buying them with the idea of releasing them when they are older is cruel. It’s the same as dumping a kitten. You have to spend time with a bunny just like a dog or cat and leaving them in a small cage is cruel and abusive. They have needs and cost money in vet bills and grooming visits for nails and neutering. You cannot just feed them anything like nuts and vegetables out of the refrigerator; they require timothy hay and pellets. They like to chew. They can be litter box trained, bond to humans, and make adoring companions if treated well. Consider adopting or housesitting a bunny first. See the site Snookie Lago, Auburn