Business Buzz: Something cooking at the former Mom's Kitchen location

By: LindaLou Haines
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Lots of good news to talk about this week. Don’t you love good news? Of course, it is mixed in with not so good news about businesses in the Colfax area. First of all, to the nay-sayer who wrote into the editor: Remember that the best gas prices in town are at the locally owned gas station at 240 S. Auburn at #174, Colfax Food and Gas. We know that Mom’s Kitchen closed its doors at 1516 S. Canyon Way a few weeks back. The good news is that building co-owner, Stacy Williams will be reopening the restaurant in June under the name, Dine-n-Dash Café. The hours will be 6 a.m. to 2 p.m., and the breakfast and lunch menu will be similar to Mom’s. Watch this column in the following weeks for information on when Stacy will start hiring. She expects patrons will see some familiar faces on the staff in the café, so it sounds VERY exciting to me. What could be better: A new business and new jobs and locals being hired for those jobs! Also, while much work is being done to update the restaurant and bring in new equipment, Stacy asks that residents be patient for the reopening. She assured me that she is protecting the photos that have been displayed in Mom’s over the years. If folks want to retrieve the photos of the moms that have been displayed, there will be an opportunity to do that. Again, watch this column for details on that in the near future. And, where did Mom’s Kitchen go? Mick Pappas tells me that Mom’s will reopen with the same menu at its new location 359 Nevada St., Auburn, April 4 with hours 7:00 to 3:00. Also, he wants locals to know that at the new location there will be room for many of the photos of moms from the Colfax location. More on that later as he figures out how much space he will have for the photos. Another reason to watch this column. A changing of the guard of sorts: Suburban Propane has left its downtown location. Colfax customers are now being serviced from the Suburban facility in Grass Valley, 273-6113. And, new to town in the near future is JS West and Companies, a more than 100 year old family business based in Modesto. You can learn about JS West at A big Colfax welcome to JS West. Colfax especially likes family-based businesses, since family businesses are known for their community involvement and for their staying power. All that benefits the wider community. Connie’s Decors Co-Op Boutique is staying open. And, Connie Heilaman is looking for more artists and craft persons, so the co-op can be open more hours. The Boutique is located at 55 S. Main St. at the corner of W. Church St., 346-8250. Local artists display their beautiful creations and are frequently on site to answer questions and talk about their creative process. In the rumor department, I have reliable information that will shut down two rumors. First, TJ’s Roadhouse is not moving or closing. Second, Pick A Flick is not moving or closing either. As a matter of fact, co-owner Don Cunningham told me that he gets in new movies about one month earlier than the online vendors, RedBox or Netflix or Blockbuster Express. So, check out our Colfax movie rental business, 6 N. Main St., 346-8808. However, the rumors that persist on Main Street and elsewhere about the sale of Colfax’s White Elephant, aka the Colfax Hotel, I am told are not true. Of course, we hope there will be some good news about the Hotel someday very soon, like NOW! A CORRECTION: In the last column I gave out some wrong information on Diane Shine’s The Comfort Zone bookstore and meeting place, 201 Railroad St., 613-3814. That information is correct, but I goofed on the days. Her store is open Wednesdays through Saturdays, 11:30 to 5:30. Now, I got it right. My next column on the 24th will mark one year since I started this column about new businesses and existing businesses doing new things. My plan for that column is to highlight some of the many good things that have been happening with businesses in the Colfax area. Yes, the economic climate for most businesses these days is challenging to say the least. And yet, over this last year, many new businesses have opened in the Colfax area and 99% of them are still open and eager for your business. And, there are some local businesses that are thriving. Did you know that? Unless you shop in Colfax and spend time hanging out downtown, you might not. But, it’s true. It is not all gloom and doom in Colfax. And, who has businesses anniversaries coming up that you’d like noted in the Buzz? Let me know. In a few weeks we will get back to our ongoing dialogue on the future viability of historic downtown Colfax and the rest of the Colfax area in regards business. So, keep emailing me your comments and positive suggestions. Thanks. Linda Louise Haines can be reached at