Businesses blossom throughout Colfax

By: LindaLou Haines
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Did you know that every week new businesses are opening in the Colfax area? Some are in storefronts and some are in homes, where their local profile is low-key. But, the point is that our local business climate is a lot more vibrant than you might expect based on what you can see. You might ask if an in-home Internet business brings tax dollars into Colfax. Of course. They buy gas locally and may shop for groceries locally, stop into a locally owned or a franchise eatery for lunch. Their kids may go to Colfax schools and may rent a movie or buy a taco or pick up a used book while in the thrift store. In other words, these hidden businesses are just as much a part of the fabric of our town as any other business. So, when you learn of such a business and can use their services or products, please do so and tell your friends. With permits in hand and the construction season starting, Hills Flat Lumber, 1000 S. Canyon Way, is on track to knock out the front of the store to create 1,500 square feet of additional in-store display space. Manager Wes Mayfield explains that the store is “expanding its present inventory and exploring other options” regarding new items for rent and sale. Also, Mayfield described a new service already in place here. Businesses and consumers are able to have pipe cutting and threading done here at Hills Flat. Another new service is re-screening. Bring in your screen door, and you can get the screening replaced by trained professionals. With the spring growing season here, Mayfield added that the rest of the store has everything locals need for their home improvement projects. “There is no need to go down the hill to one of the big national outlets. We have everything right here in Colfax.” Contact the store, 346-8685.What’s new at The Cedars and Cedar Ridge Apartments just off South Canyon Way at the Canyon Way exit from Interstate 80? The Cedars, “quiet gated family apartments,” 201 Cedar Ravine Circle, #A, has a new manager, Amy Joost. Let’s give her a big Colfax welcome! The apartments feature three bedrooms and two baths. Call Joost for details, 346-6498. Nearby Cedar Ridge Apartments, 301 Canyon Creek Drive, #A, offer two bedroom, one and one-half bath, energy efficient townhomes. Call manager Barbara Wiley for more information, 346-6716. Another entry in our ongoing series of locals’ favorite local businesses, from Carol and Ron Dotto at Colfax Farm & Country Store (140 N. Main St.) – “Café Luna (9 Depot St., #5): We are so happy that Café Luna is in town. Lauren and Mario are such kind and happy people. They make you feel so welcome the minute you step foot in the door. And, they have great coffee, pastries and food. “Doggie Depot (9 Depot St., #1): We are glad that we have a groomer just around the corner from our store. I have referred many people to Pam for such things as nail trims, ear cleaning, and, of course, grooming. I brought both my dogs down to Pam, and they were returned to me happy and sparkling clean.” As always, there is a lot of positive news regarding Colfax area businesses. For example, new businesses that we are researching for future columns: Ammo Camo & Bait, Mountain Man Mining and Big Bear Store & Nursery. Also, JS West Propane Gas will be opening their new Colfax location in the next month. And, WAVE Broadband is expanding their cable services in Colfax with more TV channels and adding fast Internet connections and inexpensive phone service. Also, relatively new is Steve Williams’ Lifetime Solar Energy, 520 S. Auburn St. More on all these real soon. Do you have a new business? Email me,