Businesses get the job done

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The best of the best: Jerry Fillmer Paving & Seal Coating and Alliance Crack Filling & Striping. We don't write letters to the paper but we had to this time. Thanks to Tom and Debbie of Alliance, we have 32,000 sq ft of asphalt that they came and filled all the cracks with their rubberized crack fill. What a job. They came back two days later and did our parking lot striping. Their job was so far above and beyond what others have done in the past. A major thanks to Jerry Fillmer and his crew Remo, John and Carlos who in five short hours seal coated 32,000 sq feet of asphalt. Colfax Mini Storage is kept very clean, and well maintained. We also plant over 1,500 flowers each year, but with all the cracks being filled, new seal coating and new striping our place just sparkles. We can not thank both company's enough. We could not be happier with the work they did for us. Also we made some good friends. Both companies deserve to be written about because of their fine work ethics, quality of work, and the goal to do a great job for their customers. All I can say is thank you guys so much. Ron and Barbie Rossi, Colfax Mini Storage