Can’t geese and people just get along?

Reader Input
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On the evening of July 24, a man approached me to say he was taking a survey. It annoyed me because I was on my first lap of a three-mile walk on the Meadow Vista Park track. The motive of his survey was to round up the geese and have them killed, if necessary, because they have been troublesome to those participating in the annual fishing derby. He must have noticed my reaction because he got into his car without finishing his survey. I spend a lot of time on that track. I admit that they (the geese) can be scary and aggressive at times when they come at you thinking they will get bread crumbs they are so often given. I attended the derby long enough to see that 200 or 300 youngsters standing shoulder-to-shoulder were having a great time. Thirty-seven geese and hundreds of people passing each other going and coming from the pond seemed to pass without incident. For anyone to even think of killing those geese is absurd beyond all absurdity (Journal, July 27). Has relocation been considered? GENE BAKER, Meadow Vista