CHP stops wrong-way driver on I-80

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California Highway Patrol officers stopped an elderly motorist traveling westbound in the left lane of eastbound Interstate 80 around 7 p.m. on March 7. Sacramento resident Douglas Messier, 70, was stopped just past the Drum Forebay Road overcrossing (about 20 miles east of Colfax) by Gold Run Area CHP Sgt. Kevin Pierce and officers Dave Brown and Tim Brown. Apparently motorists traveling on Interstate 80 called the CHP Truckee Communications Center to report the wrong way driver. Officers reported that Messier was not under the influence of alcohol or medication. He did appear disoriented. “Through the efforts of our officers, a potential tragedy was avoided and lives were saved,” said Commander John Arrabit. Officer Dave Brown transported Messier to his residence where family members greeted him. During this season of inclement weather, motorists are reminded to wear seatbelts, use hand free devices, and reduce vehicle speeds when approaching a wrong-way driver. Arrabit also urges nighttime drivers to be well rested and maintain a high visual horizon to avoid changing roadway conditions that might occur.