City working to comply with sewer standards

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The city has been working toward compliance on a number of fronts with the Cease and Desist Order issued by the California Regional Water Quality Control Board, Central Valley Region and the Edwards Settlement Agreement. Two of the main items the city is required to address in both of these documents are the reduction of inflow and infiltration into the sewer collection system, and sewer lift stations improvements, reported assistant city engineer Alan Mitchell with Ponticello Enterprises. The city recently awarded a construction contract to McGuire Hester Construction, for the Sewage Lift Stations Improvements and Sewer Rehabilitation project. The project involves replacement, lining, and rehabilitation of various sewer pipelines and manholes. Also included are upgrades to four existing sewer lift stations and elimination of two lift stations. Funding is coming from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) through the State?s Clean Water Revolving Fund. The contractor will first work on the lift stations and then follow-on with the pipe rehabilitation. Construction started Wednesday and will run through mid-November. The work will require traffic control and temporary road closures. Although the majority of the work will not impact the public, there may be instances where the construction activity will be an inconvenience. ?Your patience and support through this construction will be greatly appreciated, as the city strives to improve the sewer system,? noted Colfax City Manager Bruce Kranz.