Colfax Chronicles

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10 YEARS AGO July 11, 2002 ? At a special board meeting Tuesday, the board of trustees approved a $12.3 million bid from Clark & Sullivan in Sacramento to build a performing arts/gymnasium building at Colfax High School ?All of the bids came in over the budget of $11.6 million.? Superintendent and former Colfax High School Principal Bart O?Brien said construction should begin within 10 days and is expected to be completed by September 2003. After approving the bid for Colfax, the board of trustees held a groundbreaking ceremony for the science/social science/music building at Placer High School. Both construction projects received funding from Measure W, the $41.9 million bond approved by district votes in November 1999. 20 YEARS AGO July 15, 1992 ? It has shared many owners, several names and thousands of visitors but the Colfax Hotel has stood the test of time on Grass Valley Street, watching over the city below for 100 years. On the Fourth of July, the hotels 100-year?s longevity was honored by the members of E Clampus Vitus Chapter 3 with a dedication ceremony. A plaque is also being prepared to be placed at the hotel site. Since its construction and opening in August 1902, the Colfax Hotel has seen a long history in Colfax. It was a major part of the city?s history for many years, hosting railroad men, dignitaries and travelers. The hotel has been called the Gillen, Marvin, Pavilion and Colfax during its 90-year history. The Gillen Hotel was opened Aug. 1, 1902 by Dan Gillen; the hotel shared his name until 1917, when Gillen leased the hotel to Fred Marvin who purchased it later that year. Marvin renamed it the Marvin Hotel and built an annex across the street that he called the Marvin Inn. A boardwalk joined the two across present-day Grass Valley Street. The Marvin Inn was destroyed by fire in August 1939. In March 1923, Fred C. Dill and A.A. McKee purchased the hotel and renamed it the Colfax Hotel. The present owner is Carrie Brown, who bought it in 1963. Colfax High School Class of 1992 President Katie Erickson presented Principal Tom Spence with a check for $588 for the Falcon Foundation and a check for $500 to Sandy Larson, co-chair of the Grad Nite ?93 Committee. Class Advisor Cathie Hunter says the money is left from that raised by the Class of 1992 for graduation, the senior gift, senior trip, picnic and other activities. The class decided to divide up what was left in the account as a thank you to the two organizations. The senior class gift is a sand volleyball court outside the music room at the CHS campus, organized by Sarrah Schwartz and built by Frank Schwartz Construction. A Colfax man?s patient probing of the night sky has resulted in the discovery of a previously unknown comet. Don Machholz, a 39-year-old amateur astronomer, officially made the discovery last Friday ? a day after he spotted a fuzzy yet recognizable pinpoint of light on the northwest horizon. He registered the comet with the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory in Cambridge, Mass. His find was named Comet Machholz 1992k. 50 YEARS AGO July 12, 1962 ? During the afternoon of July Fourth, the Colfax Swimming Pool and wading pool were dedicated. Participants included Colfax Mayor Robert Kauffman and Dick Wayland, Chamber of Commerce president. The Soroptimist Club of Colfax, which funded the kiddie pool, also furnished a plaque to be placed at the pool site. Clarence (Buster) Noxon has announced that he is back in business for himself. Noxon has been associated with Sierra Fuel Co. and took over Wilshire station at Illinoistown formerly operated by Sierra Fuel. The Holly Acres Training School at Applegate has just completed the installation of 1,944 linear feet of 6-inch transite pipeline. This is the mainline for irrigating some 50 acres on the ranch. Most of it will be established in irrigated pasture. Mrs. Thall, who operates the Holly Acres School, plans to install some additional mainline for irrigating pasture and Christmas trees on the ranch.