Colfax Chronicles

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One Year Ago
Jan. 21, 2010
? A pair of famous former residents is moving back to Colfax.
Council members approved the permanent installation of the historic, life-size bear and bull sculptures outside the Colfax Heritage Museum.
Once a prominent fixture in front of a popular Bull and Bear restaurant (now Mom?s Kitchen) on Canyon Way, the restored pieces represent staged fights between real bulls and bears that purportedly took place in Iowa Hill and other mining towns during the Gold Rush.
10 Years Ago
Jan. 18, 2001
? Colfax High School junior Roger Avalos is the winner of this year?s Veteran of Foreign Wars Ladies Auxiliary 2003, Young American Creative Patriotic Arts competition.
The patriotism expressed in his artwork is that no matter where and when, Americans have always been there to do their duty for their country.
The son of Edward and Joycine Avalos received a $100 U.S. savings bond.
20 Years Ago
Jan. 23, 1991
? Snow surveys conducted the first week of January by the Nevada Irrigation District show the mountain snowpack had a water content 25 percent of average for this time of year, NID reported.
Average snow depth was measured at 15.3 inches and the average water content was 4 inches.
At this time of year, the snowpack had water content of 6.1 inches. Average, Jan. 1 water content is 16 inches.
50 Years Ago
Jan. 19, 1961
? Dick Wayland, local druggist, was re-elected president of the Colfax Chamber on Commerce at its regular monthly meeting.
A report on the swimming pool states the specification for the excavating of the whole will require approximately 30 more feet to be cut out of the bank.
A discussion of the basketball game between R-J Lincoln Mercury Sales of Sacramento and the Colfax Wilshire Oilers baseball teams to benefit the pool was heard.
75 Years Ago
Jan. 17, 1936
? Miraculously escaping death and serious injury, some 100 passengers and train crew arrived in Colfax Wednesday night shortly after nine o?clock.
Train No. 21, the Pacific limited, was on its way to San Francisco when it encountered hair-raising experience with a snow slide,
The slide buried the last three coaches of the train near Elder, ten miles west of Truckee at 2:40 Wednesday afternoon.
Tons of snow and ice, hurtling 500 feet down the mountainside, carried away the protecting snowsheds and crushed and buried the 10th car in the 13-car train.
Paula Mooney uses back issues of the Colfax Record to compile the Colfax Chronicles.