Colfax Chronicles

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One Year Ago
April 15, 2010
– April is Sexual Assault Awareness month. This is an important issue to recognize because there are many myths about this violent crime.
It is not a crime of passion, but of violence and control. It has nothing to do with how a woman (or man) looks or is dressed.
The offender is most often not a stranger, but someone the victim and/or family knows and trusts.
10 Years Ago
April 12, 2001
– Surprise! It’s Spring..or is it? – Mother Nature pulled a fast one on residents last weekend.
Instead of spring temperatures and bright skies, the area was blanketed with snow.
In addition, an overturned tanker truck carrying gasoline and diesel fuel locked Interstate 80 near Emigrant Gap for six hours.
Caltrans crews and tow truck drivers worked around the clock to keep the roads cleared.
20 Years Ago
April 17, 1991
– Colfax High’s Marson Stadium will turn into a beehive of activity this week as the Colfax Falcons host a Golden Empire League double duel meet today followed by their annual Invitational meet on Saturday.
This afternoon it will be Golden Sierra and Bear River invading the Falcons’ lair for a GEL double duel.
Both Colfax’s boys and girl’s teams will take unbeaten 4-0 league records with them into action.
On Saturday several Golden Empire League schools and other small schools from Superior California will join the Falcons in the popular Colfax-Ramsey Invitational.
50 Years Ago
April 13, 1961
– Two running wheels instead of the usual four, together with a unique delta shape, mark the Gyron as a novel experiment in possible future automotive styling. The stylists assume the vehicle could be stabilized by means of a gyroscope mounted just behind the passenger compartment.
A steering dial between the seats replaces the conventional steering wheel and makes its possible for the car to be steered from either seat.
75 Years Ago
April 10, 1936 – Easter is observed by Christians in commemoration of the resurrection of Christ, but its observance is really an outgrowth of the Jewish Passover.
There is no mention of Easter in the New Testament.
But as most of the early Christians were drawn from the Jewish church, it is natural that many of the old Jewish festivals continued to be observed and gradually passed into the Christian calendar.
Paula Mooney uses back issues of the Colfax Record to compile the Colfax Chronicles.