Colfax Chronicles

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One Year Ago
April 22, 2010
– Junior Girl Scout Isabel Clark has found another way to make the world a better place.
The Christian Valley fifth grader is collecting worn out athletic shoes to donate to Nike’s Reuse-A-Shoe Program.
Instead of dumping the used shoes in a landfill, Nike literally tears the shoes to pieces.
According to their Web site, Nike can create a raw material that can be used everywhere from the local running track to the soles of new sneakers and zippers for hoodies.
10 Years Ago
April 19, 2001
– A Colfax High School graduate recently received an international award for her work in helping the state of Montana plan how to save wildlife.
Heidi B. Youmans and wildlife biologist Gayle Joslin co-authored “Effects of Recreation on Rocky Mountain Wildlife: A Review for Montana,” published in 1999.
Their compilation enables natural resource managers to address impacts of motorized and non-motorized recreation on wildlife.
20 Years Ago
April 24, 1991
– Headed for a 2-2 deadlock, the Colfax City Council tabled consideration of an ordinance that would have banned smoking in public buildings until a full panel can be seated.
The decision came after a heated public hearing with input from both sides of the issue.
Most of those in the crowd of about 30 attending the public hearing were against the proposed smoking ban.
After hearing testimony from a number of medical professionals on the dangers of passive smoke, those against the ordinance said they did not disagree with those facts, but felt it is a matter of property rights.
50 Years Ago
April 20, 1961
– On the matter of California’s textbooks becoming obsolete, the principal of a Sacramento elementary school weighed in.
When asked how a spelling book could become obsolete, he replied: “Many words are completely obsolete. As a sixth grade teacher I tried to teach my students the word ‘chore,’ but it is completely obsolete. The children neither know the meaning of the word nor have any use of it.”
75 Years Ago
April 17, 1936
– Parents in Placer County should emphasize the danger of playing in the streets and caution their children to be extremely wary before attempting to cross the highway.
However, after doing this, a parent must leave his child largely to the fate that lies ahead.
The very nature of children makes many of them impulsive. Their lack of experience prevents effective caution. They will, unknowingly and unintentionally, expose themselves to grave peril.
The burden of care rests upon the consciences of automobile drivers.
Paula Mooney uses back issues of the Colfax Record to compile the Colfax Chronicles.