Colfax Chronicles

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One Year Ago May 6, 2010 – Colfax was making headlines throughout the Sacramento region on Friday. A California Department of Finance report released Thursday proclaimed Colfax the fast growing city in California. According to the report, the one-square mile city increased in population by 5.7 percent (nearly 100 new residents) in 2009. Laughing, city manager, Bruce Kranz said, “One little tiny project (Cedar Ridge Apartment complex) and we’ve become the fastest-growing city in the state.” 10 Years Ago May 3, 2001 – The winds of change continue to blow at Colfax High School. David Witt, who directed Colfax to a pair of Golden Empire League championships in his three seasons and led the Lady Falcons to three consecutive trips to the San-Joaquin Section’s Div. IV Final Four, resigned last week from his girl’s basketball coaching position. Witt, who succeeded Jim Ryan at the start of the 1998-99 season, posted a win-loss mark of 67-22in his three seasons at the helm of the Lady Falcons. 20 Years Ago May 8, 1991 – The hydroplane and boat races will be the highlight of the weekend with some of the world’s best coming to Colfax to compete on the waters of Rollins Lake. Racing is expected to take place in 16 classes, from the small 66 cubic-inch outboards to the larger tunnel boats. Speeds up to 80 miles per hour can be reached by this screaming power boat. 50 Years Ago May 4, 1961– The one thing that is more expensive than education is the lack of education. Department of Labor statistics show that 9 ½ percent of all people without a high school education are unemployed and less than 2 percent of the college graduates are unemployed. James Nelson, Place County probation officer, says: “There is not question that the rate of delinquency is much greater among the young people that have not completed high school. A good education prepares a person to meet his responsibilities, and limits his idleness.” 75 Years Ago May 1, 1936 – One unnamed itinerant drunk owes his life to another drunk. The first itinerant was arrested and placed in the local jail. Ordinarily the Night Patrolman Manuel Silva would not again have visited the jail during the night. Some time later he made an arrest of a second itinerant drunk. Upon his arrival at the jail Silva discovered the mattress used by the first prisoner was on fire and the jail occupant nearly suffocated. The man was revived and both were sent on their way because the jail was filled with smoke. Paula Mooney uses back issues of the Colfax Record to compile the Colfax Chronicles.