Colfax Chronicles

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One Year Ago May 13, 2010 – Colfax resident Rosaura Moon holds the latest addition to the family, Korben Dutch Moon, as brothers Logen, 6, and Daniel, 11, give him a warm welcome. Korben’s birth made Mother’s Day even more special this year for Moon and her husband Tosh, who have been married 12 years. “Five generations will be in one household today,” Rosaura Moon said, “It’s real special and it is what Mother’s Day is all about.” 10 Years Ago May 10, 2001 – Gold Run Commander Lt. John McDonald recently presented David Soria, a Sacramento truck driver, with a certificate of appreciation for his quick action on March 20. About 8:50 p.m. Soria was traveling westbound on Interstate 80 at Eagle Lakes when he observed a motorist lose control of his vehicle and careen over the side of a cliff. Without regard for his own safety, Soria ran down the steep embankment and found the driver’s door peeled open. The driver was hanging out of the car entangled in the seat belt and gasping for air. Soria carefully untangled the seatbelt from the driver’s neck, undoubtedly saving the life of the victim. 20 Years Ago May 15, 1991 – Approximately 50 percent of Placer County students drank at least one beer in the past six months. Twenty percent have smoked dope, five percent have used methamphetamines and at least three percent have dropped acid. Placer County seventh-, eighth-, and ninth-grade pupils are using alcohol and drugs at the same or greater rate than the statewide average, according to a countywide study that was released Friday. The countywide study was modeled after a statewide examination in which 6,200 of the state’s five million seventh-, ninth-, and 11th – grade students were polled. 50 Years Ago May 11, 1961 – Sure glad President Kennedy presented “Space Man” Alan Shepard with a medal and a handshake. Some difference than the way Nikita K. greeted the Russian astronaut Gagarin. Of all things, men kissing. Blooey. 75 Years Ago May 15, 1936 – The American farmer has only begun to realize that visionary New Deal policies are costing him millions of dollars. In 1932 we exported $33 million worth of wheat, $3 million dollars worth of corn. In 1935 under New Deal policies which left our farmers with out protection, exports of wheat and corn shrunk to nothing, while imports of wheat rose to $30 million, imports of corn to $20 million. No wonder the deal has failed to restore the purchasing power of the American farmer. It has wiped out his export market and flooding his home market with grain grown by cheep labor in foreign countries. Paula Mooney uses back issues of the Colfax Record to compile the Colfax Chronicles.