Colfax Chronicles

From the files of the Colfax Record
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10 YEARS AGO Sept. 27, 2001 – Efforts to have Stevens Trail added to the National Register of Historic Places received the support of the Colfax City Council Tuesday night. Stevens Trail extends from North Canyon Way along Iowa Hill Road 3.6 miles into the North Fork American River Canyon. After crossing the river, it ends in Iowa Hill. Between 1871 and 1906, it was the primary foot and equestrian path between Colfax and the town of Iowa Hill. Letter to the editor from Pat Grey, Colfax: To all the brothers and sisters of Sierra Nevada Grange No. 454, I have the sad duty of informing all of you that our Grange Charter will be surrendered effective Oct 1, 2001. This decision was not made easily, but as all of you are aware, our active membership has declined. I would like to thank all of our members for all of their hard work and participation in the past. Again we want to thank Gladys Revett, our GWA Chairwoman, for her devotion to our Grange these last 63 years. The Colfax High School Falcons football team dominated the Bear River Bruins by a score of 35-23, which was coach Tony Martello’s 50th career win. 20 YEARS AGO Sept. 25, 1991 – Employees of Schwartz construction took measurements to make sure the new site of the Heart Federal rail car was level. Friday they leveled the parcel at the corner of Auburn and Railroad streets where the Pullman will be moved. The relocation was scheduled for Oct. 1, when Sacramento Valley Crane and Rushway Trucking will move the 100-foot-long future visitors center. The Colfax Area Historical Society and Golden Drift Historical Society are undertaking a research project to reconstruct the 1924 MGM movie “Greed,” shot in the area of Colfax and Iowa Hill. The Colfax society received a letter from a man in Illinois who is trying to reconstruct the Erich Von Stroheim 1924 classic film . 50 YEARS AGO Sept. 28, 1961 ¬– Francis Viscia, manager of the Colfax Fruit Growers’ Association, reports that the 1961 crop of pears in this area was very poor. He said the Bartlett pear crop this year was about 50 percent less than last year, and last year’s crop was also poor. Blight and pear decline have taken their toll of the pear trees and fruit, as well as the late frost and hailstorms that damaged the trees and fruit. Top soil, hauled from the Bear River, was placed on the Colfax High School football field Sunday with about 12 men and high school boys offering their services. Robert Miles supplied a loader and two 10-yard dump trucks, W. J. Benjestorf had a loader and a dump truck workin, and John Velican allowed the use of his dump truck. A grader was used to level off the top soil and was furnished by L.J. Lorang. C. (Buster) Noxon, with his tractor and harrow, mixed the soil. Mrs. Esther Hemmingsen and Mrs. Etta McCleary, of the Soroptimist Club, served the group lunch at noon. Roy Toms, who is in charge of the project, requests help for a work day this Saturday. Vernon Root of Meadow Vista is the new police officer in the Colfax Police Department, according to Chief of Police W.J. Daniels. 75 YEARS AGO Oct. 2, 1936 – Nine cottages and a cook house were destroyed by fire at the Colony, a mile southwest of Colfax, Wednesday afternoon, in a fire that started in the cottage occupied by Mrs. E. Wilds from an oil stove flaring up. The loss is estimated at about $6,700, according to Cal Haffey who two weeks ago purchased the property from Mrs. Frank Roscelli. Wilds and her four-day-old baby, were removed in the ambulance by Dr. Ray Atkinson and Francis West. The Colony, a part of the local sanatoria group, was recently closed. Some 15 years ago nearly every one of its some 32 cottages were filled with families who came here seeking health. The home of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Cornwell, located on the hillside just below the Colfax cemetery, was destroyed by a forest fire that raged Saturday afternoon for several hours. The loss is estimated at $1,500. A light engine crashed into the rear of a caboose on a westbound freight train Wednesday near Midas. The caboose was battered into kindling wood while another car was damaged. Fortunately no one was injured. The Roseville big hook was dispatched to the scene of the wreck.