Colfax Chronicles

From the files of the Colfax Record
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10 YEARS AGO Jan. 24, 2002 – Rail fans gathered in Colfax at 6 p.m. Sunday to get a close look at the special 2002 Union Pacific Olympic Train. The specially painted train has been following the same course as the Torch Run that passed along Interstate 80 Sunday morning. The train returned through Colfax from Sparks, Nev. Monday night at about the same time, 6 p.m., on its way to Oregon. City Engineer Joyce Davis was authorized to proceed with the release of the Whitcomb Ave./Colfax Industrial Park Improvement Park bid no later than Jan. 21, 2002. The often-delayed project was put on hold last fall when the two bids received were over the city engineering estimates. Meadow Vista contractor Gary Todd put a temporary cap on the road to allow GKM-Tully Wihr plant workers an avenue into their new facility. Colfax resident Katherine Patricia Hunter and Sarah Smiles Wheeler of Meadow Vista were among the 950 candidates who received their college diplomas at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo graduation ceremonies in December. Colfax High’s 1977-78 boys North Second CIF Championship basketball team will be inducted into the Colfax High School Hall of Fame on April 20. The team posted a record of 26-2 and finished the season as SupCal’s No. 1 ranked medium school. Team members were George Shoemaker, Jim Rains, Randy Lingle, Dave Ingram, Rod Brunkhorst, Daren Moore, Gary Billatt, Steve Hanni, Dean Abt, Mike Rains, Bob Lis and Allister McAllister. Fred Kern was head coach and Ed Marson was assistant coach. 20 YEARS AGO Jan. 15, 1992 – Annual awards for outstanding gardens, orchards and landscaping were presented last week by the Colfax Garden Club. Business owners included the Colfax Country Store, Dr. John Demorest, Real Log Homes, Madonna’s Classic Kitchen, Auto Depot, Connie’s Decors, Designs by Computer, U.S. Bank and Bank of America. Walter Haenny’s orchard on Sunset Street was honored. Private homes recognized included the Bates home on Grass Valley Street, the Gibbs home and the Helen Webster home on Marvin Way, the Fontana home on Foresthill Avenue, the Brunkhorst home on Church Street, the Carrillo home on Oak Street, the Farrell home on Culver Street, the Eddy home down the street, the Fayhey home and the Reinhardt home on Culver Street, the Findley home on Sunset Circle, and Reva Walker’s home and Barbara Noxon’s home. 50 YEARS AGO Jan. 25, 1962 – During the weekend snow storm in the foothills, the chain control was at the Colfax Interchange early Sunday morning for several hours. All cars, trucks and buses not having chains were stopped at this point. William Roy was the state highway flagman at the middle of the road in the photo of the interchange. Two and one-half inches of snow was measured Sunday morning at the Colfax Record office, while the weather bureau at the Southern Pacific depot gave the measurement at .20 of an inch. Wendy Farrell, a member of the eighth grade at Colfax Elementary School, is a proud and happy girl these days. She is the recipient of a letter from the lady-in-waiting to the queen of England. Pupils of the eighth grade each selected a foreign country to send a Christmas greeting card to the ruler and Wendy’s choice was England. So far, we have no heard of any of the other pupils receiving an answer to their card. Charles Prince has been appointed trustee for the Alta Elementary School to fill the vacancy left by the resignation of clerk Mrs. Irene Herrold. Prince, Colfax Ford dealer and resident of Alta, will serve until July when the new board of the unified school districts of Alta and Dutch Flat will take office. Gold Run news by Clyde Kellogg: The Gold Run school was closed Monday because the water system was frozen. Iowa Hill news by Emma Jacobsen: A bear feed, cooked by Pop Parker, was held Thursday night. Guests at the dinner were Mr. and Mrs. Mike LaFever and Mr. and Mrs. Ted Deal. Seeing that we couldn’t attend the dinner, Pop brought us over a generous portion of bear meat. If I weren’t married, I’d marry Pop, as he’s a wonderful cook. Colfax friends were shocked when they learned last Friday of the death of Dr. Robert S. Peers of Oakland, who died suddenly that morning. Dr. Peers, 56, was a graduate of McGill University, Montreal, Canada, and had specialized in the treatment of arthritis and rheumatism. He is survived by his wife, Elizabeth R. Peers of Oakland; a son, Robert Martin Peers of Alexandria, Va.; a daughter, Mrs. William L. Sullivan of Rochester, N.Y.; his father, Dr. Robert A. Peers of Palo Alto; a brother, Hamilton Peers of Tulare; and grandchildren, Patricia Ann Sullivan and Robert Eric Peers.