Colfax councilman responds to comments

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Mr. Jim Payne made a partially erroneous statement in the "Sierra Market Not Closing” (Colfax Record, Jan 12) story. At the end he states, "Everything is just fine. We'd like to have more tenants, but the city is raising the garbage and the sewer and the water rates.” I have had several questions from residents about this over the past 10 days and have decided to respond and clarify. 1. The sewer rates have a built-in 3.5 percent increase through 2013 as a result of the Prop. 218 vote that took place in September 2008 2. Anything pertaining to garbage is handled by Recology – the City of Colfax does not bill for them 3. Anything pertaining to water is handled by PCWA – the City of Colfax does not bill for them For too long, past councils and administrations have been the targets of mudslinging in one form or another. This council and administration will not hesitate to correct errors – both on our part and the part of anyone passing out misinformation. Ken Delfino, City of Colfax councilman